Water Soluble Gold Nanoparticles

IntelligentNano currently offers gold nanoparticles (GNPs) in the following standard sizes:5nm,10nm,15nm,20nm,25nm,30nm,35nm,40nm,45nm,50nm,60nm,65nm,70nm,75nm,80nm,85nm. Although other diameters can certainly be produced upon request. Quality is checked for consistency with both TEM and DLS measurements.

Here are the sample Nanoparticles pictures:


5nmGNPs 6nmGNPs
15nmGNPs 16nmGNPs
20nmGNPs 20nmGNPs
25nmGNPs 27nmGNPs
55nmGNPs 55nmGNPs
85nmGNPs 84nmGNPs



 IntelligentNano nanoparticles are presented as an aerosol(mostly solid or liquid phase in air), a suspension(mostly solid in liquids) or an emulsion(two liquid phases).

In the presence of chemical agents(surfactants),the surface and interfacial properties may be modified. Indirectly such agents can stabilise against coagulation or aggregation by conserving particle charge and by modifying the outmost layer of the particle.

At the nanoparticle-liquid interface,chemicals have been used to modify the surface properties and the interactions between particles and their environment. They have been used in a wide range of technologies, including adhesion,lubrication,stablilization,and controlled flocculation of colloidal dispersions.

two particles

IntelligentNano can provide these specific nanoparticles:

  • •Glucose coated GNPs
  • •Positive charged GNP surface properties
  • •Negative charged GNP surface properties
  • •Lipid coated GNPs
  • •Protein coated GNPs
  • •DNA plasmid coated GNPs
  • •siRNA coated GNPs
  • •Fluorescent labelling NPs